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A Brother Like That, Dan Clark
A Dream Worth Dreaming, Mary Manin Morrissey
A Father for Every Child, David Blankenhorn
A Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams, Deepak Chopra
A Journey in Integrity, Ellen Clephane
A Money Addicted Culture, Donna Boundy
A New Way of Working, Tarthang Tulku
A Spiritual Dry Spell, Elizabeth Harper Neeld
A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, Julia Cameron
A Time of Sacred Rest, An Interview with Wayne Muller
A Time to Grieve, Carol Staudacher
A Way of Being in the World, Sharon Salzberg
A World Awakening, Tina Rasmussen
A Year to Live, An Interview with Stephen Levine
Abundance and the Hero's Journey, Maria Nemeth
Achieving Lasting Love, Hugh & Gayle Prather
Actualize Your Spiritual Potential, Roy Eugene Davis
Affirming Your Child, Douglas Bloch
Alternative 12 Steps, Martha Cleveland
Altruism, Friendship with the Universe, G de Purucker
Anger, John Robbins and Ann Mortifee
Are You A Closet Mystic?, George Jaidar
Art Comes Naturally, David Fontana
As You Sow, A Hasidic Story
Attitudes for Achieving Inner Peace, By Donald Walters
Awakening to Soul, Hazrat Inayat Khan
Awareness, Shakti Gawain


Balancing the Head and the Heart, Carlos Warter
Be As Powerful As You Really Are, Doris Helge
Becoming a Practical Mystic, An Interview with Jacquelyn Small
Becoming Conscious of Feelings, Nathaniel Branden
Becoming Loving, Mary NurrieStearns
Becoming Truly Alive, Christina Grof
Befriending Your Body, Jonathan Kramer and Diane Kramer
Beginning Anew, Thich Nhat Hanh
Being a Joyful Servant, Lawrence Kushner
Being Loving, David Spangler
Before We Can Forgive, Dwight Lee Wolter
Beyond a Job: Doing the Great Work, Matthew Fox
Blessing, Joyce and Barry Vissell
Breaking Free, Sue Patton Thoele
Breaking Our Patterns of Overdoing It, Bryan Robinson
Breath Work for Releasing Emotions, Lynne Finney
Breathing to Change Your Life, Mary NurrieStearns
Bridge Between Two Worlds, Leslie Gray
Bringing Spirit to a Material World, Tina Rasmussen
Business and the Mystic, Gay Hendricks and Kate Ludeman


Call Me by My True Names, Thich Nhat Hanh
Call to Action, Tina Rasmussen
Canine Classroom, Cher Joy Trulen
Change as a Gift, Mikela and Philip Tarlow
This Earth is Sacred, Chief Sealth
Children: Our Guardianship, Tamarack Song
Choosing Happiness, Veronica Ray
Choosing To Forgive, Richard Young
Choose to be Happy, Swami Chetanananda
Choose to Live, Jean Shinoda Bolen
Clarity, Will-Power, Creativity, Lucy Oliver
Coming Into Our Own, Mark Gerzon
Commitment, Swami Chetanananda
Compassion in Each Moment, Mary NurrieStearns
Compassion: A Way of Being in the World, Sharon Salzberg
Compassion: The Gift of Giving, John Tarrant
Confronted with Shadow, Jeremiah Abrams
Connecting with Our Aliveness, Louise Pare & Kimberley Snow
Conscious HealingInterview with Richard Moss
Conscious Loving, Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks
Conscious Self-Talk, Beverly Potter
Consciousness is Profound Relationship, Richard Moss
Coping with AIDS, Barbara Harris Whitfield
Coping with the Past, Jacquelyn Small
Covering all the Bases, Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hanson
Creating Conscious Relationships, Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks
Create a Thriving Marriage, Susan Page
Creativity and Aging, Rollo May
Crying the Releasing Emotion, Alexander Lowen


Dare to Live, Arnaud Desjardins
Daydreaming, Eric Klinger
Dealing with Shame, Doris Helge
Death and Dying, Stephan Rechtschaffen
Death is a Mirror, David Feinstein & Peg Elliott Mayo
Declaration of Interdependence, Rokelle Lerner
Deep Cultural Therapy, Thomas Berry
Deep Listening Resolves Conflict, Brian Muldoon
Deepening Family Ties, Carolyn Shaffer
Despair, Hope and Faith, Jim Rosemergy
Disappointment, Devotion, and Growing Up, John Welwood
Discover the Fife of Fullness, George Jaidar
Diverging Paths, Jim Rosemergy
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Wilma Mankiller
Dreaming as a Creative Art, Jill Mellick
Dreams and Spontaneous Drawings, Bernie Siegel
Dreams for Personal and Spiritual Growth, Stanley Krippner
Dreams What good are they?, Jeremy Taylor


Earth, Teach Me, Dean Dablow
Ecstasy, Robert Johnson
Educating the Public, Jacques Cousteau
Eight Traits of Emotional Hunger, Doreen Virtue
Elder Leaders, David Kyle
Emerging, Louise Hart
Emotional Healing, Shakti Gawain
Empowering Your Life with Choices, Bryan Robinson
Encouraging Inner Directedness, Richard Carlson
Enhancing Personal Growth with Solitude, Jeffrey Kottler
Entering the Twenty-First Century, Thich Nhat Hanh
Epilogue to Interview with Deepak Chopra, Richard Moss
Essentials for Fostering Our Spiritual Growth, Peg Thompson
Ethical Choices, Jeffrey Patnaude
Ethical Persuasion, Tom Rusk
Everyday Spirituality, Barbara De Angelis
Examining Death Myths, Charles Meyer
Experiencing Abundance, Wayne Muller
Experts Answer Questions, Readers Questions Answered
Exploring Pride, Strength, and Humility, Thomas Keating


Facing our Shadow, Shakti Gawain
Facing Death, Paul Roud
Facing the Aging Challenge, Paula Payne Hardin
Fat Was Not Bad, Carol Munter & Jane Hirschmann
Feelings are Energy, Elaine Childs-Gowell
Feeling Our Losses, Laurel King
Fear: The Voice in Our Heads, Peter Russell
Fear, Courage & Awakening, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan
Fear, Courage & Sage-ing, Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi
Fear, Faith, and Money, By Richard Moss
Feminine Mysteries of Love, By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
Femininity in a Man's Life, Robert Johnson
Feminine Spirit, Linda Schierse Leonard
Finding Balance, Eknath Easwaran
Finding Contentment, Jerry Ruhl and Robert Johnson
Finding Joy, Dannel Schwartz
Finding Inner Peace by Not Doing, Thich Nhat Hanh
Find True Healing, Jean Shinoda Bolen
Finding Your Heart of Love, Charlotte Sophia Kasl
Finding Your Life Mission, Naomi Stephan
Finding Our True Self, Charles Whitfield
Finding Your True Voice, Mary Delaney
Finding the Way, Jack Kornfield and Christina Feldman
Follow Your Bliss, Bernie Siegel
For the World to be Transformed, Wayne Dyer
Forgiveness, Sidney and Suzanne Simon
Forgiveness: How to Make Peace with Your Past, Sidney and Suzanne Simon
Four-Legged Forms of Prayer, Larry Dossey
Freewill or Destiny, Robert Johnson


Genuine Compassion, The Dalai Lama
Getting Beyond Your Past, Robert Fritz
Getting Your Ego Out of the Way, Evelyn & Paul Moschetta
Gift of Giving, By John Tarrant
Global Shift in Consciousness, Tina Rasmussen
Go the Limit, Ray Raleigh
Gods Will, Sri Chinmoy
Going Beyond Competition, Jerry Minchinton
Good And Evil, George Jaidar
Grandfather Gandhi, Arun Gandhi
Groups for Support and Service, Wayne Muller
Groups that Work, Steve Wolf
Groups that Work, Mary NurrieStearns
Growing, Swami Chetanananda
Growing Up at Any Age, Steven Baum


Happiness, Kyogen Carlson
Happiness Happens, Anthony DeMello
Have the Courage to Reach Out, Melissa West
Healing and Moving On, Jacquelyn Small
Healing Broken Stories, Daniel Taylor
Healing Fear, Melody Beattie
Healing Journey Inward, Jan Phillips
Healing Our Shame, John Bradshaw
Healing Our Way to Freedom, Susan Griffin and Mitchell May
Healing Relationships, David Elkins
Healing Rituals, Achterburg, Dossey & Kolkmeier
Healing the Wounded Adult, Stephanie Covington & Liana Beckett
Healing Through Forgiveness, Mary NurrieStearns
Healing With Love, Dean Ornish,
Healing Your Rift with God, An Interview with Paul Sibcy
Heart Lessons, Bernie Siegel
Healthy Shame, Lewis Smedes
Healthy Relationships, Janet Woititz
Heart Lessons, Bernie Siegel
Hell: The 5th Avenue Entrance, Bruce Southworth
Higher Self or Ego, Swami Chetanananda
Holocaust in My Body, Steve Sisgold
Home as Being, Denise Linn
Honoring Rituals, Sydney Barbara Metrick
Hope for the Future, The Dalai Lama
How Groups Can Help, Charlotte Kasl
How Love Heals, An Interview with Bernie Siegel
How to Deal with Anger, Evelyn and James Whitehead
How the Happy Ending Fantasy is Born, Rebecca and David Grudermeyer
Hugging Meditation, Thich Nhat Hanh
Humility and Spiritual Life, Rafael Catala
Humility, Being a Joyful Servant, Lawrence Kushner


I Don't Love My Job, Marsha Sinetar
I Dream of Peace, Children of Yugoslavia
If I Had Only, Anonymous
Illness And The Search For Meaning, Jean Shinoda Bolen
Illusion of Separateness, Paul Pearsall
I'm a Nice Person, But Grumpy, Kathlyn Hendricks
Images of Manhood, Wayne Kritsberg, John Lee & Shepherd Bliss
Imagination and Your Inner Self, Gloria Chadwick
Impermanence, Sogyal Rinpoche
Inner and Outer Peace, Rajinder Singh
Inner Bonding, Margaret Paul
Inner Peace, Ruth Fishel
Integrating Work and Values, Lewis Andrews
Integral Transformative Practice, George Leonard & Michael Murphy
In the Silence of the Heart, Mother Teresa
Thich Nhat Hanh, Inter-Being
Intimacy Thomas Moore
Intimate Relationships, Evelyn and Paul Moschetta
Involvement: the Key to Excellence, Robert Fritz
Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?, Dan Millman
Is this as Good as it Gets, Shakti Gawain


Journal Writing: A Spiritual Quest, Christina Baldwin
Joy is Your Natural Birthright, Charlotte Davis


Know Your Boundaries, Charles L Whitfield


Laughter, Mary NurrieStearns
Leaderless Groups that Work, Steve Wolf
Learn from Emotions, Fran Cox & Louis Cox
Learn from Love, Dorthy Jongeward & Michele Raffin
Learning From Your Inner Critic, Sidra & Hal Stone
Learning to Wait for God, Jim Rosemergy
Learning to Listen, Ram Dass and Mirabai Bush
Learning to Love, Lama Surya Das
Learning to Love Ourselves, Lee Jampolsky
Learning to Love Your Body, By Paula M. Reeves
Letters to my Son, Kent Nerburn
Letting in Love, Bradford Keeney
Letting Our Essence Lead, Jan Phillips
Life Beyond Therapy, Ann Wilson Schaef
Life as a Practical Mystic, Barbara Harris Whitfield
Life Eternal, George Jaidar
Life is a Journey, Stuck is a Detour, Sidney Simon
Life is a Miracle, Thich Nhat Hanh
Living as a Hero, Lorna Catford & Michael Ray
Living from the Heart, Melody Beattie
Living in the Fast Lane, Eknath Easwaran
Living in Sin, George Jaidar
Living the Mythic Life, Jean Houston
Living With Questions, A.H. Almaas
Living with Self-Esteem, Nathaniel Branden
Living Your Dreams, Frederic Hudson
Living Your Vision, David Gershon & Gail Straub
LonelinessPhil Nuernberger
Looking Deeply Within, Thich Nhat Hanh
Love, Robert Johnson
Love, Compassion and Joy, Thich Nhat Hanh
Love, Compassion and Tolerance, The Dalai Lama
Love and Healing, Larry Dossey
Love and Forgiveness, G de Purucker
Loving Me, Loving You, Brenda Schaeffer
Love, the Greater God, By Richard Moss
Loving Your Work, Marsha Sinetar
Loving Yourself Madly, James McMahon
Loving versus Shaming, Janet Woititz


Making Pilgrimage, Gregg Levoy
Making Peace, Margarite Hoefler
Man’s Search for Heart Wisdom, Joseph Jastrab
Manifesting Spiritual Change, Wayne Dyer
Making Peace, Margarite Hoefler
Many Roads, One Destination, Brenda Schaeffer
Meditation, Ayya Khema
Meditation, Barry Long
Meditation, Ruth Fishel
Media Violence, June Stephenson
Men on Divorce, Ellie Wymard
Miracle Makers, Paul Pearsall
Moment to Moment and the Moment of Death, Joseph Sharp
My Life Has Fallen Apart, Nancy Napier
Motivate Yourself, Rabbi Shoni Labowitz
My Emotional Healing, Miroslav Borysenko


Navigating Love’s Paradoxes, Howard Halpern
Near Death Experiences, Bruce Goldberg
Never Move From Where You Already Are, Andrew Cohen
New Spiritual Renaissance, Tina Rasmussen
No Right Way, Jon Kabat-Zinn
No Greater Love, Mother Teresa
Nobody Special, Wayne Muller
Nonviolent Seeds, Gerard Vanderhaar
Not Doing, John Tarrant
Nurturing the Wish to Create, Eric Maisel


Oh Somalia, What Have We Done, To You Sally Friedman
Opening the Heart, Rick NurrieStearns
Original Innocence, Alan Cohen
Our Birthright, Susan Taylor
Our Bodies Are Spiritual, Carmen Renee Berry
Our Sacred Story, Jean Houston
Our Shadow Side, Robert Johnson
Overcome by Grief, Charles L Whitfield
Owing Your Victim Self, Dawn Callan
Our Psyche and Synchronicity, David Richo


Patience, Eknath Easwaran
Peace and Happiness Now, Thich Nhat Hanh
Peaceful Heart, Peaceful Politics, Thich Nhat Hanh
Personal Integrity, Nathaniel Branden
Personal Stories of Transformation,
Personal Transforamation Book, Soulful Living
Plant What You Love in the Garden of Your Life, Wayne Muller
Plugging Energy Leaks that Hold You Back, Lee Milteer
Practicing Perfection, Robert Aitken & David Steindl-Rast
Presence of Compassion, An Interview with John O'Donohue
Profound Personal Healing, Jack Kornfield
Projections, Rhea Powers & Gawain Bantle
Problem Solving, James Fadiman
Prosperity, Ruth Ross
Prosperity and Spirituality, Rabbi Shoni Labowitz
Psychic Energy, Libido & Spirit:, Michael Washburn
Pursuing Pleasure, Intelligently, Ray Sahelian
Putting Consciousness into Action, Tina Rasmussen
Putting Prayer in Action, Guy Finley


Question Authority, Sam Keen


Radical Self-Acceptance, James McMahon
Readers on Solitude
Readers Write About Service
Readers Write About Exploring and Expressing Inner Life
Readers on Oneness with Nature
Readers on Relationship as Healer
Real World Spirituality, Rodney Romney
Realizing Your Potential, Jerry Lynch & Al Huang
Redefining Masculinity, Andrew Kimbrell
Redefining Gender Roles, Alfonso Montuori
Rediscover Your Essence, Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks
Reducing the Trauma of Divorce, Sam Margulies
Re-Enchantment in Everyday Life, Thomas Moore
Relationship as a Spiritual Path, John Welwood
Relationship as Healing, Stephen Levine & Ondrea Levine
Relationships: A Path to Who You Really Are, Kathlyn Hendricks
Relationships: A Path to Self Growth, Shakti Gawain
Relationships: Work and Blessing, Joyce and Barry Vissell
Relax, J.P. Vaswani
Releasing Anger Appropriately, John Lee
Religion and the Spiritual, George Jaidar
Remembering Who We Really Are, Joan Borysenko
Resolving Conflict by Co-Creating, Thomas Crum
Retreat, Jennifer Louden
Retreat A Time for Renewal, Nancy Neal
Responsible Choices, Harold Becker
Riding the Wave of Breath, Stephen Cope
Risking It All to Really Live, Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Ritual Sites, Dean Dablow
Rhythmic Breathing, Israel Regardie


Sacred Communication, Sue Patton Thoele
Saying Yes to All You Can Be, Nancy Napier
Seasons of Life, Chogyam Trungpa
Second Sight, Judith Orloff
Security, Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain
Seeds of Stillness, Marian McClellan
Seeking Commitment, Charlotte Sophia Kasl
Seeking Those Who Love, Best Harold Bloomfield
Self-Acceptance, Nathaniel Branden
Serve Your World, Dan Millman
Seven Words of Well-Being, Rachel Snyder
Sexuality, Matthew Fox
Silence and Sacred Spaces, Barbara De Angelis
Silent Sons, Robert Ackerman
Simplify Your Life, Elaine St. James
Solitude, Community, and,
Soul Making, Edward Sellner
Soul Quest, Ann Tremaine Linthorst
Soul's Code, An Interview with James Hillman
Soul-Level Healing, Anne Wilson Schaef
Soul Work Living, Betty Clare Moffatt
Spirit Animal Guides, Linda Schierse Leonard
Spiritual Heroes, Thomas Crum,
Spiritual Teachers, Sophy Burnham
Spiritual Gifts of the Nightmare, Jeremy Taylor
Spirituality, Virginia Satir
Spirituality in the Workplace, Tina Rasmussen
Spiritual Renaissance, Peter Russell
Spiritual Renewal, Nelly Kaufer & Carol Osmer-Newhouse
Starting a Circle of Transformation, Susan Griffin
Standing Up and Speaking Out, Marilyn Mason
Stepping out from Behind the Veil, Jacquelyn Small
Stirring the Oatmeal Love, Robert Johnson
Suffering and Compassion, Polly Young-Eisendrath
Suffering Can be Useful, Polly Young-Eisendrath
Sufi Approach to Opening the Heart, Robert Frager
Surrender, Daphne Rose Kingma
Surrender to Life, Andrew Cohen


Taking Risk, Paul Hwoschinsky
Taking Responsibility, Henryk Skolimowski
Teaching A Way of Service, Melissa West
Taking Steps to a New Life, Elizabeth Harper Neeld
Telling the Truth, Robert Rabbin
Temples in Our Hearts, Dalai Lama
Terminal Cancer, Bernie Siegel
The Act of Letting Go, Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham
The Art of Listening, Lynda Field
The Awakened Heart, Gerald May
The Challenges of Aging, Kathleen Wall & Gary Ferguson
The Courage for Peace, Louise Diamond
The Damaging Effects of Perfectionism, Steven Hendlin
The Essential Feminine, Helen Luke
The Family Shadow, Connie Zweig and Steve Wolf
The Gift of Meditation, Sri Chinmoy
The Giraffe Project, Ann Medlock, Melissa West
The Global Brain, Peter Russell
The Great Work, Matthew Fox
The Healing Power of Humor, Connie Goldman & Richard Mahler
The Heart of Awakening, Lama Surya Das
The Heart of Relationship, Stephen Levine & Ondrea Levine
The Healing Journey, M.J. Abadie
The Healing Journey Inward, Jan Phillips
The Heart of Optimism, Joan Borysenko
The Human Heart, John O’Donohue
The Journey for Meaning, Sam Keen
The Journey from Conflict to Love, Jordan and Margaret Paul
The Kingdom of Heaven, Thich Nhat Hanh
The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You, George Jaidar
The Key to Intimacy, Daniel Beaver
The Liberation of Age, Maria Harris
The Long Way Round, Sue Monk Kidd
The Magic of Profound Self-Acceptance, Roberta Jean Bryant
The Marriage of True Minds, Eknath Easwaran
The Mastery Journey, George Leonard
The Miracle of Spiritual Evolution, Richard Moss
The Nature of Compassion, Eckhart Tolle
The Mystery of Eating, Anne Scott
Night Watch, The, David Steindl-Rast and Sharon Lebell
The Path of Bliss,Henery James Borys
The Path of Self-Reliance, Nathaniel Branden
The Path of Transformation, Shakti Gawain
The Pilgrimage for Peaceful Self, William Cunningham
The Power of the Circle, Christina Baldwin
The Power of Love, Sri Chinmoy
The Power of Prayer, Larry Dossy
The Power of Spirit, Swami Chetanananda
The Power of Understanding, Richard Botelho
Putting Prayer in Action, Guy Finley
The Presence of Compassion, John O'Donohue
The Pursuit of Happiness, George Jaidar
The Return to True Self, Martia Nelson
The Rewards of Regrets, Carol Klein and Richard Gotti
The River of Feelings, Thich Nhat Hanh
The Role of Courtship, Lonnie Barbach & David Geisinger
The Sacred in the Mundane, Dean Dablow
The Sacred Path of Intimate Relationship, John Welwood
The Second Half of Life, Eknath Easwaran
The Seat of Prosperity, Rick Jarow
The Souls Code, James Hillman
The Sufi Approach to Opening the Heart, Robert Frager
The Truth About Child Abuse, Alice Miller
The Truth About Divorce and Women, Hayes, Anderson & Blau
The Truth Shall Set You Free, Mary NurrieStearns
The Value and Benefits of Compassion, Dalai Lama
The Value of Our Dreams, Margarite Hoefler
The Voice of the Inner Child, Jeremiah Abrams
The Wave, Rick NurrieStearns
The Way of Deep Confidence, Stan Taubman
Time for Choices, Eknath Easwaran
The Way of the Visionary, Angeles Arrien
The Web of Life, Donal Dorr
This Earth Is Sacred, Chief Sealth
Tie Your Camel to the Hitching Post,Jacob Needleman
Touching Mystery, Steven Harper
Touching Nature, Dave DeVries
Tranquility, Harmony and Gentleness, The Dalai Lama & Glenn Mullin
Transcending Who We Are What We Do, John James & Murial James
Transformational Groups, Gay Luce
Transforming Despair, An Interview with Joanna Macy
Rick NurrieStearns, Transforming Life
Transforming our Compost, Thich Nhat Hanh
Transforming Suffering, An Interview with Basil Pennington
Trivial Talk, Erich Fromm
True Wealth, Parker Palmer
Truth Comes Piece by Piece,
Twenty-Four Brand-New Hours, Thich Nhat Hanh
TV-Society's Toxic Medium, Jerry Mander


Understanding Dying, Barbara Harris Whitfield
Understanding Family Patterns to Change your Life, Carolyn Foster
Understanding Humility, Pride, and Strength, Walter Starcke
Understanding Shame, Michael Nichols
Understanding Transforms, Thich Nhat Hanh
Unfinished Stories, Paula Farewell Sullivan


Voting With Money, Tina Rasmussen


Walk in Balance, Sun Bear
Walking the Mystical Path, Angeles Arrien
We Are Architects of Our Destiny, Rama Vernon
We Can Heal America, Marianne Williamson
We Grow to the Degree that we want to Grow, Swami Chetanananda
We Heal By Telling our Story, Richard Stone
What is a Shaman, Michael Harner
What is Bliss, Hal Zina Bennett and Susan Sparrow
What is Forgiveness, Betty Clare Moffatt
What is Personal Transformation, Deepak Chopra and Richard Moss
What Survives Death, Stephen Levine & Ondrea Levine
When She Makes More Money than He, Susan Forward
When We Approach, Mikela and Philip Tarlow
Widening Our Circle, Albert Einstein
What do you Want to Carry, Richard Leider and David Shapiro
What do the Children Say, Jans Keller & Mary Ellen O’Brien
What Survives Death, Stephen Levine
Whispering of Walls, Susanne Short
Who Are You, Jean Houston
Whole Parenting, Polly Berrien Berends
Why Prayer Backfires, Larry Dossey
Why Women Need New Myths, Patricia Montgomery
Will I be the Hero of My Life, Swami Chetanananda
Winter, Robert Stout
Wisdom's House, Kahn, Pearce, Schlegel and Swing
Women's Wisdom, Christiane Northrup
Words that transform, George Jaidar
Workaholic Organizations, Diane Fassel
Work as a Spiritual Path, Tina Rasmussen
Working with Prison Inmates, Kaleo Ching
World as Lover World as Self, Joanna Macy

Yoga: Listening to the Body, Stephen Cope
You Can Make a Difference, Gerald Jampolsky
Your Golden Shadow, William Miller
Your Past Is Not Your Future, Michael Yapko