Mary NurrieStearns

What has happened to you doesn't define you, the truth of who you are is discovered anew with every breath.

Mary NurrieStearns has meditated and practiced yoga since 1991. An advanced level yoga teacher, Mary says, "The yogic path is incredible. It weaves its way through the body, mind and spirit, and leads us into the realization of who we are as spiritual beings. Along the way, we discover true contentment and acquire a healthy body." She tells her students, "Be faithful to your practice and yoga will transform your life." Mary has discovered that being relaxed feels wonderful. While this may sound obvious, as one of the many who has suffered from anxiety and emotional trauma, she didn't know what it was like to be at peace deep inside. Then yoga grew strong roots in her and changed all that.

Mary has over four decades of professional experience in mental health and maintains a counseling practice in Tulsa Oklahoma. She is author of numerous articles on psycho-spiritual growth, co-author of "Yoga for Anxiety," "Yoga for Emotional Trauma", "Yoga Mind, Peaceful Mind" and co-editor of "Soulful Living". Former editor of "Personal Transformation" magazine, she has produced transformational CD audios on the healing practices of compassion and meditation and DVDs on yoga for emotional trauma and anxiety. She teaches yoga, mindfulness and meditation, presents seminars across the United States and co-leads, with her husband, transformational meditation and yoga retreats.

A quiet person at heart, she lives in a wooded area near Tulsa with her husband and pets, amidst the animals of the forest.

Rick NurrieStearns

Deep within your heart is a profound stillness that reveals the essence of who you truly are.

Rick has been immersed in consciousness studies for more than four decades. For over 20 years he was involved in publishing spiritual and transformational books and magazines. He was the publisher of the magazines "Lotus: Journal for Personal Transformation" and "Personal Transformation," co-editor of the book "Soulful Living," co-author of "Yoga for Anxiety," "Yoga for Emotional Trauma" and "Yoga Mind, Peaceful Mind." Along with his wife Mary, he leads transformational meditation retreats.

He is nourished by silence, loves the wilderness and simple living.