Living Your Yoga
Transformational Group

With Rick & Mary NurrieStearns

We are facilitating a monthly, supportive group designed to enrich our personal and spiritual lives through yoga practices. The group will help facilitate a foundation for spiritual practice, change, renewal, and growth that can be integrated into your daily living and within your spiritual and religious affiliation.

We hope to see you there as there is strength in community that practices together.

We meet the second Sunday of each month. Meeting time is from 1 pm to 3 pm.

A typical group consist of:
gentle yoga
self inquiry
journal writing
directed group discussion

Cost per session is $15.00.

You can register at Inner Peace Yoga, 7718 East 91 Street #160, Tulsa OK 74133. (Students at Inner Peace Yoga may use their class package.)
Or you can register here.

Mary NurrieStearns, is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher who travels nationally teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation. She was editor of Personal Transformation magazine and co-author of "Soulful Living," "Yoga for Anxiety," "Yoga for Emotional Trauma," and "Yoga Mind Peaceful Mind" (2015). She credits the healing practices of yoga with profound inner healing and lives quietly with Rick in their house in the woods.

Rick NurrieStearns, is a meditation teacher, co-author of the books "Soulful Living," "Yoga for Anxiety," "Yoga for Emotional Trauma," and "Yoga Mind Peaceful Mind" (2015). For a decade he was the publisher of Personal Transformation, a magazine of psychospiritual growth. He has been immersed in consciousness studies for nearly four decades. He is nourished by silence, loves the wilderness and simple living.